What is Visual Acuity?

Visual acuity is a trending topic recently. Well, at least when it comes to Google searches related to eyes and vision! There are plenty of technical definitions for visual acuity, but here’s the quick, easy way to look at it:

Visual acuity is the measure of how well you can see. We’re talking shapes, details of things at various distances, and other similar factors. You’ve heard the term “20/20 vision” before, and that’s based on what is considered “normal” visual acuity—The ability to see clearly shapes and details from 20 feet away.

Obviously, many people don’t have 20/20 vision. Everyone has their own visual acuity. Some people are farsighted and have a hard time seeing things up close and others are nearsighted and have trouble seeing things in the distance.

If you want to know your unique visual acuity, the only way to get a proper understanding is by getting an exam from an eye doctor. This is especially important if you have trouble seeing in various circumstances because a doctor will give you the right treatment options for your specific visual acuity.

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