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Meet Dr. Tiffany Jackson, Eye Doctor In Whiteville NC!

Experienced Optometrist Serving Patients in Whiteville and Throughout the Surrounding Communities

Dr. Tiffany JacksonI’m Dr. Tiffany Jackson and I am committed to providing you with the highest-quality eye care and a vast selection of stylish frames that will enable you to be your best. As an eye doctor, I understand that your vision is your window to the world and I want to make sure that your eyes are healthy.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Washington University in 1998 and a Doctor of Optometry from NOVA Southeastern University in 2002. I have been practicing optometry in Whiteville since September of 2003.

I offer the following services:

What’s The Right Solution For Your Eye Care Needs

I know that there are many different lens options. When we sit down to do your exam, I want to help you with any vision concerns that you may have, whether that be glare and headaches on the computer at work to seeing the green better during your golf game.

You are an individual and you need lens options that will best suit your personal needs and unique lifestyle.  I will work to help you achieve your best vision and most comfortable vision.

Contact us through the online form or call 910-914-6442 today for your next eye exam.

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