OptiLight™ Dry Eye Disease Treatment

OptiLight™: Latest FDA Approved Treatment for Dry Eye Disease

Lumenis Dry Eye Symptoms Diagram

Are you suffering from dry eye disease?  Have you tried warm compresses and artificial drops with little to no improvement?  Then the latest FDA-approved eye treatment, OptiLight™, may be right for you.

Suffering From Dry Eye Disease?  Suffer No More!

East Carolina Optometric Care’s Dr. Tiffany Jackson is now offering OptiLight™ treatment for dry eye disease.  OptiLight™ is a groundbreaking, light-based treatment. It is the first and only light treatment FDA approved for management of dry eye disease, a very common condition that causes dry, gritty eyes and fluctuating vision for millions. Lumenis’ Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™) offers targeted, uniform, precise, and controlled treatment that safely and effectively breaks the vicious cycle of inflammation associated with dry eye disease.  

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Warm compresses and artificial tears treat the symptoms, but not the underlying issue. This new dry eye treatment is the leading treatment for managing dry eye disease. It’s FDA approved and we are able to treat patients quickly, in-office. For more information contact our Whiteville eye clinic today. 

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