Explaining that Headache Behind the Eyes

Got an annoying headache behind the eyes? Assuming you don’t normally suffer from migraines and you’re not dealing with sinus congestion, it’s very possible that your headache behind the eyes is caused by tension.

A man staring at his laptop while holding his head in his hands.

How to Tell if a Headache Behind Eyes is Caused by Tension

Eye pain and headaches from tension can happen quickly and last anywhere from minutes to hours. Normally, you’ll feel pressure behind your eyes, as well as in your forehead, temples, and neck. Some additional symptoms could include itchy or watery eyes and blurred vision.

If you’ve been working in an office all day and staring at a computer screen, the pain behind your eyes is probably related to eyestrain. But this isn’t limited to office work, you can also suffer from eyestrain as a result of driving for too long without a break or even from leisure activities like watching TV or playing video games.

If you’re suffering from a tension headache, then the best remedy is to take a break and get rest. However, if you’re having tension as a result of eye strain, it’s possible that you might need to get an eye exam to determine if you need glasses.

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