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Eyeglass Lenses For Any Lifestyle in Whiteville

At East Carolina Optometric Care, we carry an extensive line of eyeglass lenses and frames to suit every need, lifestyle, and budget. Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about any of our products or services. We want to help you find the best lenses for your specific needs.


Our Optical Service provides high-quality lenses for a variety of lifestyles, occupations and recreational needs. Our services range from spectacles for general use to specialty lenses for sports, hobbies, or occupational use. We host a wide range of scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, lens designs, and tints.

As a courtesy, eyewear adjustments and cleaning are provided without an appointment.

Our on-site eyewear production lab is able to fabricate prescriptions of all materials, therefore helping us to meet your time requirements for new or repaired frames and lenses. Our experienced staff will make sure you receive comprehensive vision care and the most outstanding customer care available.

Prescription Sunglasses Whiteville NC

If you currently wear eyeglasses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you should strongly consider purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses. It may seem unnecessary to you, but prescription sunglasses provide clear and comfortable vision outdoors or when driving on a sunny day. Prescription sunglasses from East Carolina Optometric Care can eliminate glare, as well as keep you from squinting in bright conditions, which can cause eye strain and reduce vision clarity.

Even if you wear contact lenses, there will be times when prescription sunglasses will be the better choice. Contact lenses can dry out and cause discomfort, especially outdoors or at the beach where you’ll combat sand, sun, wind and water. Prescription sunglasses enable you to be outdoors all day without the hassle of dealing with your contact lenses.

The prescription sunglasses we offer at East Carolina Optometric Care come in a wide variety of lens materials and designs. We offer high index plastic and progressive lenses, as well as polarized lenses that offer superior glare protection from light reflecting off of water and roadways. Just like regular eyeglasses, the frame styles for prescription sunglasses are nearly unlimited.

Come check out our stock of prescription sunglasses at East Carolina Optometric Care today.

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