How to Use Your HSA Money This Year

Does your work offer a health savings account? It’s a pretty cool perk, but unfortunately, it probably disappears once 2021 rolls over to 2022. That’s why they call HSA a “use it or lose it” benefit.

So, now you’re only a few weeks away from New Year’s Eve and you’re trying to figure out how to make the most of your HSA. Since you’ve landed on an eye care clinic’s website, you probably know where this is going. We’re completely biased and we don’t care—You should use your HSA money on your eyes!

You Can Use HSA For:

  1. An eye exam. Maybe your vision isn’t what it used to be. You’re straining to read screens or things seem blurry. Maybe your vision seems fine but you just want to make sure your eyes are healthy anyway. No matter the reason, an eye exam will help!
  2. Eyeglasses or sunglasses. Whether for fashion or function, a new set of frames is a great option around the holidays.
  3. Contact lenses. As helpful as they are, contacts need to be replaced routinely to get the most out of them. If your contacts aren’t working as well as they used to or they’re uncomfortable, use your HSA to replace them!

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