How to Clean Eyeglasses

It’s crazy that there was once a time when people thought eyeglasses were uncool. Luckily, most know the truth now: Eyeglasses are hot!

There are a ton of designer frames available with styles that can fit any lifestyle and occasion. It’s easy to see why many now choose eyeglasses over contact lenses.

When you get a pair of glasses you love, you want to keep them in perfect condition. Here are a few tips to clean your eyeglasses and keep them looking good. 

How to Clean Eyeglasses

4 Easy Steps to Properly Clean Your Eyeglasses

1) Rinse your glasses with water (Distilled if your home has hard water)

2) Dry them with a cloth (Microfiber is best. You can buy them at a good price here)

3) Use a cleaning solution or use a pea-sized amount of dish soap and gently rub it over the lenses. If you’re using dish soap, rinse it off with water.

4) Let the glasses air dry

What About The Frames?

Cleaning the frames is much simpler. Just wash them with soap and water and dry them off with soft fabric! Pretty easy, right? 

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