5 Popular Types of Contact Lenses

A hand holding a contact lens.

Frames are fashionable, but they’re not for everyone. Luckily, contact lenses are available to help people see without the need for glasses!

Prescription contacts are a safe form of vision correction that helps improve everyday life. But like many other forms of eye care, there’s not a one-size-all solution. If you’re thinking about getting contact lenses, here are five popular types to consider… Continue reading “5 Popular Types of Contact Lenses”

The Top 3 Sunglasses Features to Protect Your Eyes

Picture of a man wearing sunglasses.

It’s finally Spring in Whiteville! We’re looking forward to spending more of our free time outdoors, but one thing we gotta get ready for is that sun blasting into our eyes again.

Fortunately, there’s a very easy fix for this problem — Sunglasses. Not only do they look cool, but they also defend our eyes! If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses, make sure you’re getting ones with the right protective features, like these… Continue reading “The Top 3 Sunglasses Features to Protect Your Eyes”

5 Powerful Nutrients For Healthy Eyes

Picture of vegetables that have nutrients for healthy eyes.

If you’re fortunate enough to see, you should do everything you can to maintain your vision. Even if you put vision aside, keeping your eyes healthy is important to living an enjoyable life.

Sustaining healthy eyes requires routine eye exams, wearing glasses/contacts (if you’re prescribed them), and giving your body the nutrients it needs! Here are some great options. Continue reading “5 Powerful Nutrients For Healthy Eyes”

3 Great Ways To Spend “Use It Or Lose It” Benefits

Picture of a woman holding pink eyeglasses.

The holidays are hectic and it’s easy to forget things. Something that gets forgotten often? “Use it or lose it” benefits (Flex saving accounts, HSA, etc.) that expire at the end of the year.

Even if you haven’t forgotten, it can still be a pain to figure out how to use them. If you have “use it or lose it” insurance benefits, here are a few ways to get your money’s worth … Continue reading “3 Great Ways To Spend “Use It Or Lose It” Benefits”

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