Back-to-School? Time for an Eye Exam & New Frames!

Last year, remote learning took the fun out of back-to-school time. But not this year … In-person classes are back again. Hopefully for good 🤞! You’re shopping for supplies and clothes, but have you thought about scheduling an eye exam?

New Look for a New School Year

Confidence is big for the first day of school. This goes for people entering college, high school, or really any education level, which is why getting an eye exam should be a priority.

Having an updated prescription ensures your vision is sharp and ready for new challenges. But it’s not all about function—style is important for confidence, too!

Just like new clothes, a new pair of glasses frames can give a big boost going into new adventures and experiences. Here are a few keys to choosing the right frames for your face shape:

1) Frames should contrast with your face shape. If you have a square-shaped face, go with rounded or oval frames. If you have soft curves in your face (oval or circle shape), choose square or boxy frames.

2) Frame size should be in scale with your face size. Glasses that are too small will seem childish, while frames that are too big will be distracting and overwhelm your other features.

If you need some help finding a new pair of glasses, our eye care professionals can answer any questions and help you pick the right frames for your face and lifestyle. Learn more here!

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